Friendship Goes Far...

there once were 2 friends hunting. lets name them..
bob and todd...
todd needed to take a pee break so they stopped to pee.
while todd pee'd a snake came from nowhere and bit his dingling.
todd screamed in pain as bob asked wut happened.
bob saw the bite and said wait here I'll go get help!
bob ran to the nearest town and asked the doctor there to come and help.
the doctor replied " I cant! i have a woman here in labor!"
bob franticly asked "then what  do I do to a snake bite!?"
the doctor answered " you must moisten the bite with anticacid. spit will work well. then you must suck out the poison and he will be fine.
bob nodded and left the clinic.
todd lay on the floor holding his dingling in pain as he saw bob walking torward him.
he lay helplessly and asked "so did the doctor say anything?"

bob shrugged. "nope.. he said you're gonna die man..."
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On a NUDE beach a man shakes hand with a lady & says: Pleased to meet U!
Lady: Yeah, I can SEE that. =))

Ha ha its weird but its FUNNY!