Standing Up To Pee

God: "Okay Adam, Eve. Now, that I'm done creating everything, I have a couple of extras. Adam, I'll let you choose first, which you want and Eve will get the other. Okay"

Adam & Eve: "Sure. Okay."

God: "Good. Now first, I have 'the ability to pee standing up'..."

Adam, interrupting: "ME! ME! I want that one."

God: "Um, you haven't heard the other one yet, are you sure?"

Adam: "Oh, yes, definitely" Looking at Eve, smirking.

God: "Well, Eve, I guess that means you get 'multiple *******'. You both take care now"
Aurinne Aurinne 31-35, F 2 Responses May 22, 2012

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here is one for you
a child saw his mother when she was pregnant and said to her ( mom you are not going to have a baby or a girl ) she how did you know?
he replied i can see his mustach allready

LOL, that's a good'un.