I Am...

A teacher at school was having some trouble getting her pupils to understand grammar.
"These are what we call the pronouns", she said, "and the way we use them with verbs. "I am, you are, he/she is...this/that is..." she was saying, to expressionless faces and glazed looks.
Trying a different tack she said, "Simon, give me a sentence with the pronoun, "I" in it.
Simon thought for a moment and began, "I is..."
"No, no, no, no, NO, NO!", shouted the teacher.
"Never "I is"... always, 'I am'... Now, try again".
Simon looked puzzled and a little hurt.
Breathed in briefly and began again more quietly:
"I... am ...the ninth letter of the alphabet".
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1 Response Sep 5, 2012

Bwahhhh-hahahaha!!! I dunno why, but this made me burst out laughing at the office today. Thanks for posting!

Glad you also see the humour in that... needs a "kaleidoscope" perspective! :-)