Examination Mulprictice

A candidate at this years' WASSCE Examination, writing the English paper shaded the ones he knew and was just looking around when he spotted one pretty lady sitting close to him, she was seriously shading answers without looking up, she was answering number 79 while the guy was still at number 13. Knowing he was stuck, he thanked God for buttering his bread and started copying from the lady sharply and aggressively! Soon they both got to number 95, the lady looked up and caught him copying. She said in a low tone, "WHAT ARE THAT, WHY IS U COPYING ME? SHAMELESS COPYCATTER. AM COVER MY WORK MPO THEN I IS TELL THE EXAMINER THAT YOU IS COPYING ME PLENTY PLENTY". The guy shouted "Kai!!! I don die oo who get eraser..." lmao
Opiah1 Opiah1
18-21, M
Dec 1, 2012