I Love Quickies

I love the sudden rush of passion and lust, targeting your mate and just TAKING her. I love yielding to the animal desire and taking her whereever and however we can, half clothed bent over a desk, against the wall, down in the grass, against a tree, on top of the washing machine, in the surf at the shore, the coat closet at the dance hall (true story) ....

During a time when I didn't own a car, my girlfriend would pick me up for work at my apartment and drive me every day. She started coming up to my apartment a few minutes early, and we'd have a quickie every morning. I'd open my fly, hike her skirt and we'd **** on the sofa, or on the rug or whatever. Then we'd straighten up and go on the work. It was so hot going straight to work after sex, lightly smelling of her, feeling her through the day.

I love being the target of a quickie too -- it's easy to get me aroused. Sit in my lap and kiss me deeply and passionately. I'll forget everything else in less than 2 seconds, then I'll be attacking you.

I love all kinds of sex, no mistake. But there is a special place in my lusty heart for the quickie.
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Jul 16, 2010