Sometimes Foreplay Isn't Necessary.

I love  the slow burn of a hot night of passion with a partner.   i love foreplay and I like to take my time and ensure maximum pleasure.  

But there is a great deal of pleasure to come from a quickie.  The spontaneousness of the occasion is always a turn on, the 'i have to have you now' mentality. It can lead to some very pleasurable sex, its hot and very passionate.
shadoweyes shadoweyes
26-30, M
5 Responses Jul 31, 2010

Indeed Josie, think I need a longer session though!

Sometimes quickies are very welcome.

Thank goodness for an active imagination I say!!!

I can think of a couple of special options. ;)

Hmmm.. a quickie to take the edge off and then....<br />
<br />
... who knows, the options are endless!