My Qoutes to Live By

recently, my grandmother died. her death reminded me of a quote by brian andreas

she said she cried at least once every day not because she was sad, but because the world was so beautiful and life was so short

so here are some things to live by:

beggars can't be choosers

better late than never

look before you leap

the best things in life aren't free

beauty is only skin deep

silence is golden

jack of all trades, master of non

nothing ventured, nothing gained

good things come to those who wait

and my own qoute that i will always live by:


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All good . Bless

my grandad just died about a year ago he was a usmc during ww2 my favoiot quote has always been "ask not what americia can do for you ask what YOU can do for amearica" - JFK and for the marines out there HOORAA

I am inspired to share my own qoute or "motto" if you will: "Dream your life, then live your dreams!"

I love that quote!!

If I were to rephrase that last one according to my belief I would add:<br />
<br />
"Life is too short,enjoy it while it lasts,if you feel you cannot though the salvation of death will come soon enough so fear not the future,you already know the ending."

I love Brian Andreas.<br />
His work is beautiful.