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i don't personally believe in a "god" person but nevertheless i like this quote because it seems to explain a lot of man's mischief :
"I am a man and men are animals who tell stories. This is a gift from god, who spoke our species into being, but left the end of our story untold. That mystery is troubling to us. How could it be otherwise ? Without the final part, we think, how are we to make sense of all that went before, which is to say, our lives ?
So we make stories of our own, in fevered and envious imitation of our maker, hoping that we'll tell, by chance, what god left untold. And finishing our tale, come to understand why we were born."
Clive Barker
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Thanks for your years of service as a police officer.

I sense a bit of hypocrisy here.

He says he does not believe in a god but if I recall correctly, Clive Barker is a devil worshiper...of whom many regard as a god of the underworld.


There are many opinions. Some would believe that god and satan are actually half brothers, that the guy we call satan is actually the good guy and his brother the god guy is actually jealous, selfish and bloodthirsty. Also they believe that god and satan are not gods at all. Many opinions.

Thanks for your comment.