A Dream Of Mother Mary

I remembered a few years back I have this dream of her...it started out where I was in a ship where the storm is so strong that I have to grab onto something to prevent me for falling to the stormy sea, I thought I could survive this storm but instead I came upon this huge waterfall and i went down with it. As I woke up (still in my dream), I came around to this bright, quiet and beautiful place that I have never been before. I looked around the area and I saw beautiful flowers and their colors can never be found in the world. Is amazing. Its beautiful!!!! then this person came and i couldn't remember what he or she said to me. but that person pointed up and insist me to go up to somewhere. I follow his instruction and I went up and then I saw mother Mary. I was stunt and I didn't expect she is that beautiful. Her voice was so....how can I say it, its like, not even my mom can use those tone on me beacause her words seems to have so much of love and care. She talked to me yet I didn't pay much attention to her because I was stunt! but I assume her words are trying to tell me that is not my time yet, the only thing i can ever remember was she told me about this family that I have to help, and there she goes, she place me back on earth. and yes, when i'm on earth I was in that family, I saw a young adult and a grandmother. They were seriously annoying! I don't even know who they are...And when i started cleaning up their house I woked up from my dream.

this is so weird , what does she wants to tell me? I have a mission in earth? :(
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Sure, why not :)

Beautiful. I may have an interpretation; you want to hear it?

Thank you!!

Your so blessed Sister!!!