Bright Star

Last night after browsing my options of on line movies I happened upon the film "Bright Star" about the poet John Keats and the woman he loved. While I do not know how much the director or editor kept to the poets real life I found a particular quote very good...

"If poetry does not come as naturally as leaves do to a tree, then it had better not come at all."

Too many I find poets who struggle and edit, rewrite, and argue with inspiration and take days to write a simple stanza. A poem to me should just come to you, a thought should strike you with the urge to put pen to paper to make the moment immortalized in writing. What you experience should be flawlessly depicted in the poets own style.

Needless to say, I adored the movie. :)
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2 Responses Dec 11, 2010

Yes...twas an amazing movie. <br />
<br />
^----That deserves a CIRCLE ADD!!!

And, here i was, feeling like less than a poet, because I can't sit down and say, now I am going to write a poem. The poems either come to me or not. If one does come to me, I have to sit down and write it, then and there, or I can't concentrate on anything else, until it is done. I must admit, I do edit. I have to do it sometimes because I am not much of a typist and make a ton of typos, so yes, I edit.