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Teen Mum

I was seventeen when i fell pregnant. I had been with my boyfriend for three years and i was in the last year of highschool, Year 12 VCE. I'm entirely against abortion so that was not an option, i didn't even consider it for a second.  When i found out in the Doctors office, i was shocked. I rang my boyfriend and told him. He was thrilled. Excited at the prospect of fatherhood! He was 22.

As my belly grew bigger people stared and juded, but i knew i was a good Mum. I did not drink or smoke while pregnant. I took a multi-vitamin and nourished my unborn baby with healthy food. As my due date approached, i grew more and more excited. Everyone told me labour would be painful, difficult and terrifying. I didn't worry. I knew i would be okay.

I went in to labour on Septemeber 21st. It was easy. I wasn't in much pain. My labour went for 9 hours and my partner was there with me the whole way. I breezed right through it. I even have pictures of me smiling during labour! On September 22nd our beautiful 4kg (10 pound) baby was born. A BOY!

So many people throughout my pregnancy told me motherhood would be hard. Told me i wouldn't cope because i was young. My son is 4 months old. I cope fine. It's easy. I breastfeed, that's easy too. I don't know what all these older Mums are talking about when they say they have trouble breastfeeding and end up resorting to Formula. Looking after him is easy, a breeze just like my labour. My life hasn't changed i still go out and have fun, only thing that's different is that my beautiful baby joins me. I love being a Mother. I'm truely in my element.

I'm a much better mother than women in their thirties. I breasfeed, i read to my son, i take care of him, i do everything for him!
I work part-time as a promo model and i'm studying to get my bachelors in uni.

I am a supermum and i know it.

Whats more is i'm only 18.

Don't judge the young mums ladies they're often better than you.

msmummy msmummy 18-21, F 8 Responses Jan 28, 2011

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i am happy for you that you could have your baby, but dont come to tell to other women that they are murderer because they had an abortion, if you where a real good person you would respect these womens, you dont know how difficult is this choice, and the circumstances they had at the moment, cause there are many reasons, everything is not easy and pink as you describe it...

wow, i commented on one of your posts which really angered me, and after reading your profile, i see you really are ignorant. i didnt realise you were so young at first, so you are even more ignorant than i first thought. really, i am happy for you that you made your situation work, well done for coping as a teen mum, while holding down a job and studying, really well done! :) but who are you to judge others whose situations havent quite turned out like yours. firstly your partner was entusiastic about the baby. lucky you! however others arent so fortunate. and breast feeding can be very painful and difficult for older mums, especially those dealing with post-partem depression, which you dont seem to be suffering from. every mothers' experience is different, maybe for you motherhood is 'easy' (ha ha just you wait and see!) but alot of mothers do stuggle and that doesnt make them less of a parent! so how dare you say that makes you a better mum? pure ignorance!

Nobody treats me like a child, i'm considered an adult after all i'm 18. I work, i study i pay my ******* taxes, why would i get treated like a child. Clearly Nomac you are lacking intelligence and are jelous of my success. :)

Nobody treats me like a child, i'm considered an adult after all i'm 18. I work, i study i pay my ******* taxes, why would i get treated like a child. Clearly Nomac you are lacking intelligence and are jelous of my success. :)

Wow! So your son is going on 5 mos old now. What a sweet age. <br />
<br />
Sweetheart, let me tell you. I have a girlfriend who I went to high school with. Her and her high school sweetheart had gotten pregnant and they have a very strong marriage to this day. Their daughter is now 28 years old. The father joined the army. Best thing he ever did at that age besides keeping his daughter and not going for an abortion. And the mother, ended up starting her own business (when their child was 10). They are successful parents and successful business owners. Amazing. God can do anything through people if we seek Him.

It was easy, i had an epidural. It was great. What would i have to gain by lying. I know labour can be hard for some women, but for me it wasn't that bad.

Good for you, hey! Being a parent can be a very rewarding experience, I guess, if you have the right set of circumstances to raise the child. Rock on!

MsMummy, I'm glad being a mother have been easy for you. I hope it continues to be so you can continue your schooling. You go, Girl!<br />
<br />
CrazyAmelle and Nomac, I haven't looked at your profile to see your ages, but the way you behaved on this thread indicates you are in both in grade school or middle school.