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Good Quote About Self Love

"self love my dear is not as vile a sin as self neglect"
I think its a shakespeare quote

Reminds me that no matter what, I think loving yourself is the first step 
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Self love. Makes sense to me. <br />
After all we know ourselves, and if what we know isn't lovable to us, how can we expect it to be loveable to others.

no one is perfect, not to mention to love someone is to love someones flaws, if you expect perfection of yourself or anyone around you you're missing the point. Sometimes the thing i fantasize about is having a parnter who I can raise up, or make feel better about themselves or their situation. We're drawn to flaws. Perfection is absolutely boring thru the eyes of love. One has to learn to love their flaws, especially. I'm not very sucessful, i'm on social security, collecting a disability check. I could let this be an ego destructor or accept myself as I am, and I do accept myself as I am. The point i'm trying to make is if you don't love yourself you won't let anyone else love you either. if anyone does (God forbid) have feelings for you if you loathe yourself you will just push them away unless you feel you "Earned" their respect. which is entirely up to your defintion of earned and your personal feelings. Not to mention the predators are very good at playing people with low self esteems, they know how to make you feel like they didn't want to like you but you "Won them over"

without self love self abuse can you let anyone love you when you don't even love yourself? People who hate themselves see us nice guys thru the eyes of a prism of self loathing, they just assume that if we like them we are desperate. i'm so tired of low self esteems, it's impossible to get close to anyone with one.... they will just factor in their worthlessness and assume if you like them there's something wrong with you. Some of the nicest people i know think so little of themselves and the worst part is there's nothing i can do, self esteem is internal, i can't influence it.