For You

My heart is aching
My eyes are burning
I'm close to the edge
Had you so close but let you go
She catches your eye as she is so familiar
Eyes to eyes, skin to skin we are the same
You love her more
We are no more
The hole in my chest, covered by my breast
Hidden from sight
The pain I have to fight
Its in constant delight
My heart is aching
My hand are trembling
I'm close to the edge
I love you so much
It doesn't mean enough
This is all new my feeling for you
The strength of my love is scary enough
I have to move on, leave you alone, as I will only suffer
Please let me go as I cannot show the extent of my feelings
I shall not express that your leaving me a mess
She has stolen your heart, I'm back to the start.
I cannot stand it
These feeling will not subside
As much as I have tried
I love you so much
Not one more touch
My eyes are burning
My soul is yearning
Stay away from that ledge.

niamhynoo niamhynoo
22-25, F
Sep 6, 2011