"We know something about what controls satisfaction of the happiness self. We know that money is very important, goals are very important. We know that happiness is mainly being satisfied with people that we like, spending time with people that we like. There are other pleasures, but this is dominant. So if you want to maximize the happiness of the two selves, you are going to end up doing very different things. The bottom line of what I've said here is that we really should not think of happiness as a substitute for well-being. It is a completely different notion." ~ Kahneman
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Well said by Kahneman!

Great Stuff!<br />
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I watched his video lecture!

Happiness is something that actually too fragile to be abused. It is to live each moment intensely, without seeking out the best.<br />
And well-being is also a state of mind. It opens the bliss !

Happiness is state of mind, and then you can think am I happy now? or Am I happy about my life in general. The answer will be different depending which"self" is activated: experiencing self or remembering self.

OK, I understand :)

yep, you are right, you can be well and not be happy