What Aspects In Your Life Should You Be Willing To Change To Make A Relationship Work?

Making a relationship work means being flexible. Making compromises is part of the deal. But you don’t want to over-compromise and give up too much of yourself to hold on to a guy/lady. So how do you find a balance?
“I think you should be willing to change a ton,”
For example, if finding someone who wants to have kids is important to you, or someone who understands the importance of family, then don’t compromise on those core values. But here are a few things you can be flexible on. Rationally

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I would change anything my career, where I live, my house, hobbies, everything except for who I am and my friendships. Relationships come first in my life everything else can take a back seat.

what u said is true my friend but at thesame time if u are not flexible,the relationship is not going to work. Not all the time we must win

think all asspect have to be on the table to be talked about<br />
some are going to be set in stone and nothing can be done about those