Music I Listen To

Its crazy as how you grow up your music that you listen to changes.  It might not change drastically but it will change somewhat no matter what you say.  I myself started out as a kid listening to country and then was introduced to Korn and Limp Bizkit as a Freshman in High School and was hooked into Hard Rock and then slowly creeped my way into Metal.

Going from High School to now, I have broadened so much and listen to alot of older country and still jam to metal but have opened my eyes to older metal acts and some underground ones I didn't know of from the olden era.  I do seem to want to keep listening to the same old stuff but its just harder to listen to the Hardcore death metal stuff nowadays.  And I feel awkward listening to Rap now that I am 30 years old and climbing that age ladder.
bradtragick bradtragick
26-30, M
Jan 9, 2012