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Friends Are Like Underwear...

Some crawl up your as...

Some snap under pressure

Some don't have the strength to hold you up

Some get a little twisted

Some support you

Some are your favorite

Some are cheap and get bent out of shape

And some actually cover your as.. when you need them
Helper96 Helper96 46-50, F 42 Responses Jan 11, 2012

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good one.
Seems the Hindi word Lagotiya yaar suit very well :P

Some tickle your p**** at the least opportune times:))))

Nice quote lol

How funny

Funny but true.

I liked this!
Cute and true!

lmao... good one...

Love it!


Love it

Love this:)

Friends are like Umbrella, who can give shelter, If you truly want him/her.

Lol that's so funny...yet so true

well that is an interesting interpretation

lol I love it :P

ROFL... this was great....thank you for sharing....

Wrecktem HELL.... Dam nere killed em it! It's so true...

I love this LOL too much


I love this!!!<br />
Thanks :)

Very good analogy.

think i have had a few of them things

bannaman, click on add comment

i think your a very attractive woman :) so why can't you add me ?? :(

Banna, accept that everyone is not going to do what you want simply because you want it. Put on your "big boy" coat and hit the road. Put another way: Grow up and behave like a 60 year old man.

Thanks for giving me me a good laugh..though very true

very cute.

Gives a whole never aspect to the old saying, "Don't get your knickers in a twist."

You must be from the U.K. if you use the word knickers, lol! Knickers to me are like bloomers: long puffy underwear with elastics sewn in near the end. Woman wore them in the early 1900's. I like to hear the differences in language; pretty cool.

Nope, strictly American--but I watch a lot of British TV.

Well, alrighty mate. Don't get your bloody knickers in a wad! My favorite English movie is, To Sir With Love. I have Lu Lu on my ipod. This post has been so pleasant to read. Everyone has been funny and polite. Maybe I will start a site for pleasant people only. I am tired of posting and I get comments that do not relate to anything I've said. Also, there are the ones I can't stand where someone twists what I say and then they get on their soapbox and criticize and twist the meaning of my comment and try to manipulate me into an argument. Just miserable people who think they can drag me down to their level and I'll overeact and the name calling starts. Name calling is usually done because they can't think of anything to say, so they say something awful instead. Forget about getting me into the ring with my boxing gloves on, I am not playing their game.

Wait, what happens to those of us that don't wear underwear? O.O

I won't shake your hand. Ick!

some are soft ,some look sexy,some stay on a long time ,some come off pretty fast.

Funny additions!

Thank you LOL

Lol, nice one

Yip yip hurry! Hurry before I give u a snuggle

Best quote ive read all day. ;-)

Thank Q!


I couldn't agree more

I also love the one<br />
<br />
Cars are like underwear, you never loan them out!

100% True!!((:

very true

hehe that was funny ----Some just stick to your rear.

Icky...time for a shower

lol... that was good!

LOL. Well, that was an interesting way of putting it.

Hmmm, nice words to define pretty parallel.<br />
I hope your friends do not end up in the dressing room

Ha Ha!!! Too funny!!!


Loved it. It's so true.

That is so true!!!