Let Them Go...

When people leave you, let them go, your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you, and it doesn't make them bad people, It means their part in your story is over.--Unknown
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Dear Helper, such a great quote, thanks for sharing, you are right, people come into our lives for a number of reasons, to teach us a lesson,,to Learn something from you, or for many other reasons,
And when that purpose has been filled, they will probably move on out of your life In some way, that is what life is about! Learning the lessons and then letting go,
There is an old story, you have probably heard it, but I will repeat it again as I find it very comforting:

People come into our lives for three reasons,
To teach us a lesson or learn something from us, this are "purpose friends," and they usually move on after that is accomplished.

The second group are "for a time friends," they come into our lives to support and learn from us and stay for some time,
Again until we do not need them any longer or they do not need us, then they also move on.

The third is "forever friends" who come into our lives and stay, because we have a long connection with them, And they usually stay for a lifetime, these are your heart friends as I call them as they always live in our hearts, and we are so blessed to have then In our lives.

So many people just don't understand this and grieve over something that never was meant to be,

Very profound and thought-provoking!

I will be thinking over this one a lot.

That makes good sense and wisdom

Very nice.

Listen "souvenirs" by switchfoot. it is a sweet song relating to this quote. i love it

i strongly agree with this. but it sucks when their part is over. that's the saddest part you know

I am curious to know why you strongly agree with this. I don't mind personally if you disagree, but if you hold on to people when they're ready to move on, you only bring feelings of regret, loss and self blame which serve you no purpose and have nothing to do with you. If you think about some of the people you have moved on from you'll see this makes sense.

I wish i could live by this. but my heart just won't seem to let me.

I hate to seem like a know it all. However, if you need somebody to make you complete or you feel awful when they move on; you're expecting too much from others. Sure, you miss friends or loved ones when they leave, however, if you feel "less than" because someone took a different path, you're depending on others to make you happy. That's a big job for someone else to fulfill and only you can take care of yourself. You have a long road ahead if you depend on others to fulfill your needs. If you are open to new ideas, there is a book, named, The Power of Now, which will change your thinking and let go of a lot of useless thoughts. The book is by Eckhart Tolle and it will change your life. I wish you the best.

I had learnt the hard way about your quote. Absolutely right. U cant force someone to love u.

I LOVE that

Interesting thought.

hiiiin i want

Very nice I love it.

I see u wrote this almost a year ago but it holds true forever... Im trying to convince myself of those words. I dont understand why its sooo hard for me to let go...

And don't let the door hit you on the way out!

very true

So true.


you are so right.

wow . Such much sense. In so few lines... I wouldn't have it any other way ... Lol . Good one, by the way.

I know! I felt the same way when I found this quote.

Thanks, thanks thanks

Oh I really need this quote in my life right now! Thanks for sharing.

hiii m jass ..wl u frndship with me

Really great. End of the chapter, turn to the next page...their chapter is over your story continues though...

Absolutely...everything continues and changes, such as life. :)

Yes very true,I have been there not knowing this quote but told someone that our time together had come to it's end and wished her well.I felt good parting ways saying that and she just smiled and off she went.Thanks.

You have posted some great quotes on here! :)

Thank you Peace!

Well, sometimes they leave you to see if you try and make efforts to ask them to stay, to let them know that they are needed,to let them know that IT matters to you if they stayed..

I am doing that for another reason...I have let them treat me in a disrespectful manner, because I chose peace over strife. I left because I realized that I was teaching them they could get away with it by ignoring their thoughtlessness....No more of that I have put my foot down and backed off. I put up with it because they are close relatives of mine. Close relatives or not, they are not treating me as a punching bag with their bad behavior anymore!

Ohkay. I get it. I'm sorry I did not know the other part of the story. Well, I believe you r doing the best u could then. People who often make u sad and frown should be stayed away from and it really need courage which you dont seem to lack.

Please do not apologize. You haven't offended me. I guess my words reminded me of how I felt at the time and I was reliving it. Please do not take offense and have a great day!

Thumbs up to u :)

No need to be sorry!..I liked what you had to say. Im the one who is sorry for jumping down your throat. I have just pulled back from the people who I have let treat me this way, and I guess I'm showing my hurt feelings to you. I apologize.

So true. Thanks for your helpful words!

I agree that no one has the right to treat you as a punching bag, whether they are related to you or not. Physical violence is never the answer.

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