I Am A Stressed Teenager And You Just Don't Understand.

Let me first write out my weekly schedule so that you the reader can relate to what I've got to say.
monday: school 8:10-3:15
I tutor: 3:30-4:45
dinner(if im lucky) 4:50-5:15
dance 5:30-8:15
homework/chores 9:00-?
tuesday: school 8:10-3:15
drama rehearsal(i am the choreographer) 4:00-6:00
dance 6:10-8:30ish
homework/chores 9:00-?
wednesday:school 8:10-3:15
zumba(i am the instructor) 4:00-6:30
sales calls(gym work) 6:30-?
homework/chores 8-?
thursday: school 8:10-3:15
drama rehearsal 4:00-6:00
kickboxing 6:30-7:30
and or youth group
friday: school 8:10-3:15
bible study 6:30-9:00
usually babysitting after school
and or chores weekly house cleaning
saturday: zumba 9:00-12:00
zumba 2:30-3:30

So there is my BASIC weekly schedule. Things change. But as you can see I am going every second for the most part. Yes, I have made it this way, but when I say that I am stressed I don't need my own mother mocking me and saying that I have nothing going on and that I am unresponsible and a baby..with other choice name callings added in there, all because I can't manage to get EVERYTHING done on time or correctly. I am a teenager for gods sake. How can you possible expect so much from me and not expect me to crash at some point. sorry. Had to vent.
childyouareloved childyouareloved
18-21, F
Jan 24, 2012