Internet Generation

This is the national anthem of the dubstep generation, I think it should be everyone else's as well..
"It's like we have worked two entire decades to develop something that gives each of us the ability and access to express ourselves as individuals. What happened to our freedom? It is like this is another force field the government had inflicted upon us to enable more control, more power. Why do we have the least of the say? Why is it that the uneducated of the internet are the ones calling all the shots? The ones that don't understand the concept of the world wide web. Each and every one of us is the product of the internet, the internet is the product of us. It has grown with us and nourished within our generation, and as it stands now, I will not let it be taken control of to power hungry mother f*****'s. F*** Sopa!. The internet allows us a chance to getting more access to tools which in turn would speed up the process of learning, communicating, and sharing. It enables us to gain awareness of whats happening across the globe and share what we see or hear. Social networking sites have granted us the ability to share information that much easier. Songs, pictures, videos. How is something so simple as posting a link generated by the internet classified as copyright infringement? Therefore forcing sites to feel obligated to take them all down. What would the internet really be without reblogging, reposting, retweeting? The internet was created to make lives easier, not harder. The internet was developed to break our limits, not create them." -my favorite dubstep artist, Monstercat.
rain2sunshine rain2sunshine
18-21, F
Jan 26, 2012