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I Regret Losing My Virginity

He was my regret and I was his secret. That was one thing we had in common; having each other as someone we should of stayed away from. For every girl, the day you lose your virginity will be a moment you will never forget. You wont forget the person you lost it to either. For some of these girls that person is someone they regret. The other girls are lucky to not feel regret from who they gave it to. Unfortunately I lost mine to a fake prince charming *******. I don’t want to admit I was young and dumb because I always told myself it would never happen to me. I was smart. Just not smart enough. I should have waited till I knew for sure that he was the one.

LolaMack LolaMack 16-17, F 2 Responses Jan 31, 2012

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yes Lola but you see even tho it was a biggie to you personally to everyone else it is a common Ocurence and no body is really surprised or cares about it but you.<br />
please don't misunderstand i am not being critical or trying to be down on is just that there <br />
are thousands of young girls, women , ladies, that this is happening to every day. It is kind of like<br />
the divorce rate in this country. 60 +% of all marriages end in divorce. but no one rushes out and buys a book about it because it is a common happening and people just shrug their sholders and go on about their business. I am in compleat Agreement with you about making sure that the prince charming you fall for is the right one. but as i have stated befor in stories on here a lot of men are just sexual prediters. the get what they want from a girl and then brush her aside and go hunting someone else that is foolish enough to fall into their trap.<br />
not all men are pigs and animals there are som honest careing considerateloving men out there <br />
but they are few and far between. and there are some warm caring considerate women too but men will tell you they are hard to find too.

I know this happens to many of girls which is why i want to write about it so those girls can relate to my story and enjoy reading my story. most girls don't write down what they have experienced. so when they see another telling their personal story, it will will make them feel as if there not alone who felt a certain way or did a certain thing.
i said nothing about all men being pigs and animals. i too believe there are good guys and bad guys. but writing about a good guy and all his good doings wont make a story. at least not an interesting one anyway.

i am currently writing a book about my whole experience with losing my virginity. My story, I want everyone to know just not yet. Hopefully in a few years I will have my first book published and people will know the most biggest secret of my life.