Remember When...

Lollipops turn into cigarettes.

The innocent ones turn into *****.

Homework goes into the trash.

Cell phones are used in class.

Soda becomes vodka.

Bikes become cars.

Kisses turn into sex.

Getting high meant swinging at the playground.

When protection meant wearing a helmet.

When the worst thing you could get from boys were cooties.

Dad's shoulders were the highest place on earth.

Mom was your hero.

Race issues were who ran the fastest.

The only drug you knew was cough syrup.

The most pain you felt was when you fell off your bike.

Goodbyes were only until tomorrow.

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2 Responses Feb 17, 2012

All the sentences before the last one makes me think of innocence and the last about RESPONSIBILITY.

Both good things to think about, eh'?

I don't know if you made this up, or got it from someone else, but I love it. It is great.