Experiencing My True Essence

Experiencing My True Essence

I feel comfortable and attentive. I am conscious of my thoughts and I direct my attention to my breathing. I breathe gently and deeply. I begin to feel how my body and mind relax.

I let go of the things from outside. I feel free, like an observer, beyond everything that surrounds me: people, objects, sounds, worries... Everything slips away from my mind. They pass and go away like the clouds in the sky, until they fade away and everything remains completely clear.

I open a door. It is the door of my inner world. I discover that it is like an immense ocean. In the depths of my inner being there is silence, peace, calm and serenity. I go within. I let go of the past and I see it disappear.

I submerge myself in this unlimited ocean, where all the mundane (related to the physical and my day-to-day routine) and negative thoughts melt away. Before me, there opens a path of light that takes me to the depths, where my true essence is found.

I see, in front of me, on this path of light, a star, marvelous and radiant with light. From it radiate rays of peace and love, towards me. My mind is tranquilized; I am filled with silence and peace. My thoughts are full of light, of peace, of love. I feel a deep acceptance and serenity inside me. In this space of silence I am with myself.

I feel free, light, peaceful and free of worries. I am at peace. I feel peace. I am free. I am myself.

Now it is time to return. I breathe gently and I am aware of the place I am in. I feel tranquility, silence, peace, wellbeing. My eyes and my face express this wellbeing. I feel myself free. I feel well with myself and with others.

Now I'm feeling liberty and everything is so pristine clear and light.
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2 Responses Feb 22, 2012

You have very good expressing power...didnt u fell asleep...i think i will.

Beautiful! Thank you!