Please Remember

There is always THREE sides to every story...

Your side
Their side
And the absolute truth

Don't believe everything you hear, especially if you are only getting one side of it. At the very least hear both sides and judge for yourself.
SweetlyLingering SweetlyLingering
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2 Responses Feb 23, 2012

Well I know my side, I would like to hear my wife's side! <br />
I think then maybe I could determine the truth? <br />
<br />
I admit, I try to put myself in her shoes. I want to know what she is thinking, and why she responds as she does. Alas, I fear even she does not know why! So then, what is the truth?

umm...hmm...i don't some cases, the truth doesn't matter. Meaning, it is neither here nor there, it is what it is. Feelings, sometimes, just are what they are.

Yes! I do believe that our feelings make it "our" truth!

So True :) Thank you for the post