Our Love Story

       I have a boyfriend now.. I do love him and he really loves me too. We are really happy,sweet in each other, it feels like we don't care about the world when we are together. But inside of our smile,of being happy, there's an emotion. My parents don't like my boyfriend. They hate him and his family.

      When I was young my family and the family of my boyfriend was so close, but suddenly there was an accident(really too personal).. That time the closeness of them was gone. Only heart ache still there. That time my family and his family hate each other.
      Now, I'm in 18 years old, I did not expect that I will do fall in love with the guy who is hate by my family. And that guy also in love with me. It is unexpected things that came to our life.

      We  are now running for 3 years with out knowing of my family.. but the family of my boyfriend knows about us. His family is ok with me, I am close with his brothers and sisters. It's sounds good.
     So, what about him with my family?. tss.. My family hate him so much. My family don't know about this. I am scared. I am afraid. What if my parents will know this? What should I do? Many times my family always say that ''dont ever accept that boy, dont even try''.. BUT I DID IT!! I was, and now its killing me inside. My boyfriend also afraid because he dont want me to lose, he really loves me and I know it.

      But this time, I dont know what to do.. I am really scared of what will happen.;(
prettyweird prettyweird
18-21, F
Feb 25, 2012