"Sometimes you have to look past the window dressing of it all and see what is really on the inside. A lot of times, we fail to do just that in our lives. We are type casted and never given the chance to shed completely the old worn clothes of our past. Finding someone to help you shed those clothes is often difficult, finding someone to help you put them right back on is often the easiest of them all." ineedtosubmit
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5 Responses Apr 15, 2012

You are right, don't judge a book buy it's cover.

Hopefully we will help u do more of the first.

Do you feel being where you are now is helping you shed those old worn clothes? Is the hidden woman in you begining to show through? I hope so , I think you are working out of the old life shadow. Master1A

I will will always tell you what I truly feel and think.

U are one Beautiful lady.

OH so true

love this