The Presence Of Paradox

joy & woe are woven fine

a clothing for the soul divine

under every grief and pine

runs a joy with silken twine

it is right it should be so

man woman was made for joy & woe

and when this we rightly know

thro the world we safely go

-William Blake


my heart is filled with fruit trees

hummingbirds, free birds that sing

it glows rainbow lights

and dancing bells

my roses bloom filled with bees

i can see the majestic mountains

off away the oceans

beyond the vine-yards

fulled with cherished grapes

at night way up i see the stars

my spirit feels as feathers

make flying sounds

a natural poetic medicine

pieces of music, painting, music, natural places

flowers, animals

energizing renewed

golden threads sewn

 forever healing my spirit my soul

CrystalRainsPearls CrystalRainsPearls
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3 Responses Apr 23, 2012

I love this image. Back in the day, I had a sister witch friend who enjoyed sewing. She made us matching ritual robes, one black, one sheer white.... for full moons and such...we had specific times that we wore specific colors, it was so much fun. :-)

yes, back in the day ;-) can just imagine thank you for letting me live a pleasant memories ;-) i sewed many creations... ;)

hope you are still sister witches~xxx must have been beautiful lov full moons~blessings sent~ thank you lovely ~

Yes we are still friends, but she went all "corporate" and became non spiritual in the process. :-(

:( :( :(
We would never be non never know she may get sick of *so called "corporate life save the beautiful robes! ;-)

Indeed! :-)

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Ooh yes, do add more. xxx


Yes, wonderful. :-) ~~~And truthful.

thank you sweet one :-)) was going to add a bit more :-) hugs lov to you and yours! xxx

awe yes it's dancing ;-)

it truly is a beautiful image ...peace and healing purity ~young innocent boy~