Life As We Know It

"Don't take steps to REACH your goal , instead make every step a goal"
I don't remember who wrote this and I'm not ever sure if i could express it correctly.
I have seen people work so hard to achieve something that they forget their present
and failure is worse when people don't actually get what they worked hard for.
But wouldn't it be better if we made every step we took to achieve something as our goal?
Afterall we cleared the first level. Didn't we? Shouldn't we have gratitude that we learned things
in this process even if we couldn't achieve the ultimate trophy?

For what is life if we do not fail and stand up again?
Failure is the only way you learn better things.
Its the best OPPORTUNITY for a better life
Do not be sad that you couldn't hold the trophy for your cup is still full
tannedhorse tannedhorse
22-25, F
May 6, 2012