They Don't Know Me.

They all call me a ***** and a ****. They call me needy and a *****. The truth is, sometimes I believe them but, they don't know who I really am. They've never given me a chance. They just labeled me. I believed them. Now I'm broken, and I don't know how to come back. I hide it under my smile. I don't want the attention that comes with being "the depressed girl". They don't know what I'm going through. That every day is a constant struggle. My smile is always forced. That I hate myself. I hate what I see in the mirror. I see what they see. I see a worthless person who doesn't belong. I see the girl who isn't as pretty or as skinny as the rest. I see a broken, unhappy, pathetic mess I don't know how to clean up. But I'll never let them know that. I'll stay strong until they no longer have a hold on me. Until what they say no longer affects me. Until I see myself how I used to. Until I am beautiful again. Because they dont know the real me. They don't know how bad I hurt, or what I've been through. What I want to forget and what wasn't my fault. They don't know that when he left everything came tumbling down. When he left, every part of me died. But one day I'll see myself as I am; beautiful. Until that day, I will be strong.
Madison334 Madison334
13-15, F
May 13, 2012