People I Treasure...

i am happier with children and old people (read 70 +)...i love listening to their stuff all the time. It amazes me how children so unaffected by the pretensions of the adult life ends up embarrassing all of us by their brutal frankness. and this is what i love about them...they give you tiny heart attacks and shocks and spice up your life. i am not a mother but someday i will love to hear lil feet running in my house and their laughter. I will love to talk with them most of the time. and old people...they are always cute. ok some do get cranky but we need to ignore that...a person who is kind of aware that he or she might not last long has a secret fear in their heart and we all should try to love 'em as much as we can and make them happy and "loved". loved thoroughly in fact pamper them.i have my grand mother and she is a sweetheart <3 i still tell her she is beautiful and selects her dress sometimes. i still feel old men roll their eyes when she walks (she is a confident smart woman...) ! ;) i am just a bit uncomfortable with the inbetween people (who are aged 13-70).
they are complicated people! children and old people are treasure you can have.
wingsgirl wingsgirl
22-25, F
May 13, 2012