The Worst Person In The Class, And His Worst Day

Like many people or classes, there is always a boy or girl that everyone hates and makes fun of. I know it is cruel and not very nice, but we really just can't help it. Anyway, this boy in our class, who everybody hates, really doesn't have a relaxed time. The main reason why he is loathed by everyone in the class, is because he has a squeaky voice. He tells people to shut up for making fun of his voice, and he replies in a very soft, un-aggressive tone of voice "Shut up!"

Moving on, a couple of weeks ago, he was about to have his worst day yet... The first lesson, we had a supply teacher, who had no control over anything. This boy was giving out the books, and everyone started calling out his name, in an unimpressed way. Soon, he got annoyed and dropped the books, then shouted in a very loud, high-pitched voice: "Shut it!!". He then took his bag - as he always does - and stormed out of lesson, slamming the door behind him. People were shouting "Wow" as the crash of the door, shocked us all.

Everybody was asking the teacher where she was (she because he has a squeaky voice, remember). After about five minutes, the teacher went out looking for him. He was sat on the corridor outside the classroom, and the teacher invited him back in. When he stepped through the door, everyone was saying "here she is" and "hey, up. Look who it is." All he did was pull this ugly face, showing his yellow teeth - he is really poor. His dad doesn't have a job, and doesn't know his mum. The teacher, who was quite angry, stated that if there is any more of this name calling and winding up, she will get the headteacher involved. This made us all shut up.

Soon, it was the next lesson, and it was English. The teacher we had, can not control the class as well. Even worse than the teacher beforehand. We went into the school library, to take out a book to read. In the library, this other boy, who probably hates him more than the class together, managed to get his phone number, and call him from behind the book shelf. The squeaky one answered his phone and realised that it was his enemy. He shouted "what do you think you are doing!!" in his soft, un-deepened voice. He got sent out. The whole class found this very amusing, as this goes on every lesson. Shortly afterwards, the teacher came out, and dealt with the situation. The boy who phoned the squeaky one, refused to say sorry, but the teacher didn't do anything about it.

After that, back in the classroom, her/his friend came back, and started swearing at the boy who started all of the trouble. Then she as well ran out of class. This time not in the corridor, but out of school.

Third lesson arrived, and it was quite calm, as well as fourth. However, last lesson was back to the usual. An argument broke out between the phone boy and the he-she.  Whilst the teacher was outside dealing with another student, the he-she ran out in a massive mood. The teacher asked where he was going, and he replied "he [the enemy] just said I have plastic t*ts". The whole class was laughing there heads of, except for the teacher and the he-she. 

Shortly afterwards, when the girl-squeaky-boy had returned, it put up it's hand to answer a question. It was wrong. The whole class was all shouting out "what?". This set him off again, and he did stay in his seat, but he shouted out to the class to shut up. The teacher told him to stay after the bell. Come home time, he was handed an after-school detention. What a way to end one of the funniest days ever.

If you have any questions about this story, please do ask. Or just comment on the story, or mention something that happened in your class, like that. Oh, and don't forget, say if you have a squeaky voice or a normal one.
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Hmm, this story is just the extended version of the word ignorance. I'm not going to say what you are, cause obviously you know and if not, you'll find out, the hard way.<br />
<br />

Not really. Has your class ever hated someone. I thought so. And anyway, I do have a soft side to me, which has recently been discovered, and writen down:

No, I think you should read your stories again at the age of let's say 18 or so (and really realise that you wrote that yourself), cause I hope by then you'll have experienced that the behaviour you're decribing, will bring you right to the same point as you are now. You'll grow up sooner or later.


What point is that?

You'll get what I mean... at the age of 18 or later, it depends.

Is your first comment trying to say like, I am very full of myself. Only my opinion counts and don't care about, for example, gay people. Please answer truthfully.

I always answer truthfully, if not, I could've just said something quick and easy like oh you're so amazing or something of that nature. But I'm not, cause that's being honest and that's not really what you want to hear, right? I'm very full of myself? I'd suggest you'd read my stories if you even have the braincapacity to comprehence it all, cause you have no idea where I'm coming from. Read before you speak, and then type. In case you didn't notice I'm just trying to encourage you to think at things a different way.


I don't think of things a different way. And also, I am very bright. For example, I use capital letters, punctuation and the correct grammar when typing and writing

If you are not willing to open your eyes and don't even care to look at things differently, I guess that's something only bright people do? don't play immature games like that, if you think correct punctuation makes you 'bright', please. Feel free to correct me if that's your trolllevel.


This is just my personality. Let's end it with: the boy in the story has a squeaky voice, and no one likes him. Full stop.

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