Romantic Challenge

How do i have the best man i could ever ask for, and i still cry every night? He is so perfect, he helps around the house, pays the bills, doesn't yell at me when i go off on him, he makes me laugh, and he is so sexy. The only thing missing, romance. I TELL him what to do to make me happy in the romance category and he still doesn't do it.
I want a small note, so when i wake up i can smile. All it needs to say is "I love you" or just "xoxoxo". I will even let him use the same note, just throw it on the table once in a while. I had him write me a note last night so i didn't forget to make his lunch, and he had no problem writing that note. It said "make my lunch". He couldn't add an "i love you","xoxo", or even "thank you"?
It's not me being naggy. I NEED the romance. Without it I feel ugly, uninteresting, and resistible.
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2 Responses May 25, 2012

i do tell him directly, i once texted him a text and told him to just forward it to me.

Hi dear. I understood ur feel. Try to talk to him frankly over to his eyes. Dont say anything indirectly dear. Try it and then reply me wat happened.