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papri papri 31-35, F 7 Responses Aug 18, 2012

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don't compromise you-you're all you've got.

So true...


that is so nice but a part of me knows that your right , thank you

To thine own self be true, one could also say. I still put a proviso on that quote though, papri -- it depends on what is meant by having a problem with who you are. If your true friends see something that is an opportunity for growth, and they think you might benefit from it, they might direct you to it; that might change you, but not because they have a problem with you.

well...i didn't put up the quote because someone has a problem with me...I am 'me' I know that and it is difficult at times to understand why others think what I am when that isn't true...but I think I'm trying to be better to deal with all that.....

A quote I think everyone should live by

This gets my vote for "Best Quote of the Day!!" It's soooo true!

Thank you are my best story reader!! :)

awww thanks. I love your stories....They are all so heart felt and sweet. They mostly make me smile, or think or feel how you're feeling. That's cool.... :)