Mist, Firemen, Fire Trucks

I hope somebody can help me with this dream: I was awakened from sleep by red lights flashing and the sounds like trucks make when they back up. I got up from bed and saw my entire apartment had a very light mist throughout..not smoke, no smoke smell, nothing burning. So I looked outside and saw the fire trucks and some firemen pulling hoses off the trucks like they were going to put a fire out. I opened the door and ask why were they here. They replied that someone had called about smoke. I replied to them that I had not called and that there was no fire here.

What does this mean? I've been releasing a lot of old hurts over the last couple of years and it's been really hard but I feel that finally I've managed to conquer some stuff that's been in me for a long time.
Can someone help with an interpretation?
MargaretHelen MargaretHelen
61-65, F
Sep 11, 2012