Dont Worry I Will Be Gone...

Dont worry i'l be can let floweriness your feelings.
I'l be gone because i know i dont fit in.
Dont worry when im gone...worry about you.
I'l be gone because I want you to be happy.
Dont worry il be you can not pretend you love.
I'l be gone because i can not be a fake person.
Dont worry i'l be gone because my opinions are non understandable.
I'l be gone because i am a new person.
Dont worry il be gone so you dont have to waste words.
I'l be gone because my soul is not for sale.
But...will I be really gone..?
There is always something left behind when someone is gone.
dontpanic777 dontpanic777
31-35, M
Sep 16, 2012