A person never dies until they are forgotten. So always keep them in memory and heart.
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than i will have to keep him alive, by telling you about him. i met danny when i was 15 years old he was in my art class and i thought he a was beautiful he became my best friend then he graduated and i had two years left , i was working at a drive inn about 6 months of us not being around each other then he asked me out , well two years later we got married, i was 18 and he was 20 after a month of being married we found out we were going to have a baby,we knew nothing about babies we thought she was the most incredible thing in the world we had so much fun with our baby so we thought we would have another, i lost two babies , i was having a hard time not miscarring , about four years went on and we had our second girl and loved her so much too. we were married 12 years and one day he was trying to get home he was a truck driver he hit a bridge in bowie texas and his truck exploded he died at the age 33 our children are half him and as long as they are alive he does live. our two girls look like him and me and they are almost all grown now one is in a university and the other one is in high school they carrie their daddy , i miss him still its been 6 years and i can still hear him laugh and i still hear him calling me sweet heart .

Yes I agree. That is why it is nice to create a gift, like a scholarhship in the person's memory, as a lasting memorium.