Captains Log 12512359

Well I'm up again. I have been on Facebook a;; freakin day and am really tired of looking at this computer screen. I want to go build my body. I can not quite go out there yet because of this flu and my asthma. I may have to sick to push ups and crunches until I am full functional and well. Watching and listening to the stock market and the interview of the President, I have seen many many lights of my business and the growth and development that I am expecting to see. One spot that was on the stock market channel was about how one person started their business in a garage taking pictures with no to very little funds to six years later a billion dollar business. I see this with my business. I will be listening more to the channel to hear more success stories and also to get the language downpacked. When I make it to have my business developed, I can sit back, or atleast what I will hope to do is I can remember lol, I used to lay on the couch in the living room a listen to the stock market surfing on Facebook and coming up with new concepts and more aspects of the business that I have developed. This is something that I will really be looking forward to. Well fam, about to drink my oj and toss and turn to the morning. Got some meds to take and asthma to take care of. See you gouls and gals later...
jpllc jpllc
26-30, M
Dec 5, 2012