Well... i knew this quotes from an instagram account
i forgot how exactly it sounds, but i think it's something like

"Everything always turned good in the end, if it isn't good, so it isn't the end"

i really really really love it... it's really inspire me... especially because i feel my life is unfair and so hard... whenever i felt i almost gave up, i remember this... and contnue to fight...

well, i hope it's also inspire you

oh, and i would love to know your favorite quotes too

and also, i always need friends ^^
feel free to be friend with me....

Love, Rainy
RainyRiddle RainyRiddle
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2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

Does any of your socks slip halfway off your feet in your shoes when you walk? Lol

sometimes hahahaha

Lol me too! I thought I was alone...how far do they like slip off in your shoes?

so far lol

Lol do they slide halfway off or down by your toes?

only halfway... i didnt let it more than that hahaha

Lol is it only one or both socks that slip off?

usually only one

Lol one is more irritating...so it's never both socks?

i can't remember.... maybe ever i dont know
yeah... way much more iritating

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I'd be your friend!