Some Of My Favourite Maxims (quotes)

  • When you doubt, do not act.

  • It is a fault to meddle with what does not belong to or does not concern you.

  • Many men know many things, no one knows everything.

  • One is not present unless he understands.

  • It avails little to know what ought to be done, if you do not know how it is to be done.

  • He who questions well, learns well.

  • What ever is done in excess is prohibited by law.

  • No one is bound to give information about things he is ignorant of, but every one is bound to know that which he gives information about.

  • No man is bound to have foreknowledge of a Divine or a future event.

  • No one is bound to arm his adversary.

koos1961 koos1961
51-55, M
Dec 18, 2012