Castle Building

The castle-building habit, the day-dreaming habit--how it grows! what a luxury it becomes; how we fly to its enchantments at every idle moment, how we revel in them, steep our souls in them, intoxicate ourselves with their beguiling fantasies--oh, yes, and how soon and how easily our dream-life and our material life become so intermingled and so fused together that we can't quite tell which is which, anymore." - "The $30,000 Bequest"

Mark Twain

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1 Response Dec 28, 2012

Cool stuff from Mr. Clemens there! ;-)

I saw it earlier today I had to remember to look it up and share it.

It's a nice share, "Ms. Castle" lol

I noticed the connection. I have been thinking alot lately about the Imagi-nation and how I have always used it. This quote put it in words quite well.

Yeah I can believe that about your imagination. And yes, the quote was awesome!

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