Life Is Like A Story Book...

So, in the interest of going for a more positive outlook on life...I share this quote today. I have long stood by the analogy that life is like an incomplete story book-one you are writing as you go. It is subject to repeated mistakes, edits, characters, lost characters, twists and turns.

The type of book however, is entirely down to the writer of the story. You choose your own path, and therefore choose and dictate the events in your own story. As with any story, there are problems, dramatic events, pain and suffering at times...but how you choose to deal with them and move in is where you become the author of your life. You could choose to sit and wallow in the bad times....drag the story out, let it consume you.....

Or you could choose to use the bad times to turn the story round and bring your lead character back with an inspirational display of courage and strength. You only get one life, and you could sit drafting the story, going over it, analysing the plot and trying to correct the mistakes that have already been made; or you could choose to live it. Write the story as it goes, leave the mistakes for others to learn from, allow your life story to be one that will be remembered for the amazing things you have done. The thing I like about this quote is the idea of limitless potential....we all have it, if we aren't afraid to reach out and take risks, grab life with both hands and jump right in.

Afterall, if you aren't going to be the hero of your own story.....who is?
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7 Responses Jan 4, 2013

I have chosen to be the hero of my own story, and have written it the way I wanted, it takes some consciousness to do this, but there are many conscious people on EP, who understand this, so be the hero of your story and choose how it goes, right up to the end page,

well done. that made me think about some issues i am dealing with. thank you for the post. :-)

create your own reality....that's my motto

wow! I like the way you think

I stand and applaud loudly and long!! a few whistles and yelling woot woot!!!

I am thinking of my next story,,, sorry my next life

It maybe true but sometimes we are not masters of our own destiny...we don't know about tomorrow!Sometimes we wish we could turn the clock back...or chosen another path!