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A figure moves along from the window outside I’m wide awake in the living room while my family are asleep now I see the figure walk through the front door and this figure walks towards me, I believe the figure is my fathers mum whom passed away after we came to Australia from Iran we escaped the from Iran to Pakistan, we were in Pakistan for a year to be able to get our visa’s so we could come to Australia legally after the Iranian revolution as it was not a place to live for us as we are Baha’i’s. my grandma walks towards me with a basket on her arm and she hands me a red apple from the basket and I took the apple I had tears coming down my eyes but I was not crying I watch my grandma walk towards my dad while he was sleeping by the fire place and she strokes him gently.

I was two and a half when we came to Perth Australia in November the 11th 1989. My uncle picked us from the airport as he was the only relative whom came to Australia before we did, apparently as my family arrived to my uncles home and my uncle bought them all take away food after they finished there food they had noticed a box an untouched food was left out after that they had relized I was missing and they had left me in a family friends car obviously I had returned back to my family.

Many times we moved house our first two homes was in Balga our third home was in Mount Hawthorn where I met Kelly and Jim they lived across the road from my house I was a was a child still and they were a couple when ever I could I would go over to there home and just hang out but I think I went a bit to much there was this one time in the morning I went over knocked at there door and Jim answered the door in his rob he looked annoyed. Our fourth home was in Currambine this was our own home built I was eight I at the time when we moved we were almost the only people there of course years later it got built up.
I asked my dad about our family history, three brothers from Russia cross into Iran at the time they were christians to come into lran they became muslims they worked for the royal family and for this the Queen/King gives them land eventually the brothers part one goes to Pakistan one stays in lran and the other one forget.

My dad's mum was a very dedicated Baha'i,her fathers father father whom was a respected muslim, he has a dream which lead him to walk from lran to lsreal haifa where the Baha'i temple is and meets with Baha'u'llah our manifestation. Baha'u'llah appears and calls him by his name and reasures him and takes my great great great grandfather on his horse to a tent to have a feast. My great great great grand father (my mum told me) was given a task to deliver a letter in Tehran, he by foot goes to lran to give the letter to the minister to deliver the letter of peace and stop future wars to all the important leaders/royals in the world. As he tries to return to his home he fell sick and passes away in a city of Gamzad in lran not his home but one place where Baha'i's lived.
his son (my grandmas father father wrote books on the teachings, rules and prayers (My sister hopefully has one of the books which my uncle, my dads youngest brother sent us from lran, which were kept secretly in my dad's dad home) the books were written under candle light and ink.

My grandad, my mum's dad became Baha'i as he was related to my dad's family. He came from a muslim family his dad was a Mulla the ones that wear turbins and read and teach the Koran (holy book for muslims). My grandad left his family as they were not happy with him becoming Baha'i, they called off the wedding between him and my grandma, he asked her what she wanted to do go with him or stay ( l think) she chose to go with him obviously. They move to the city and have 7 children well eight their first daughter passed away very young. I guess they eventually have contact with there family again cause my mum has memories of her mum's mum, whom raised my grandma and her sister by sawing from home by hand cause her husband passes away from the fumes at work but l don't think he came back when he passed away cause my grandma says every time that he went and never came back.


l was born 23 May 1986 in Iran, Esfahan, I am a Baha'i so I believe in God. Came to Australia in 1989, lived in 5 houses my last house was in Currambine I was in year 3 when i moved to Currambine. When I began school in Australia I went from kindergarden to year 1, then the adults believed I needed to repeat year 1 cause I apparently, wasn't able to understand the lessons in class, so I went to a school to improve on my english/vocabulary all I remember is that in class l played around and listened to the teacher sing ryhms well l don't remember learning much english but as I look back now the teachers that made me repeat grade 1 from Mt Hawthorne were stupid cause before Mt hawthorn I was in another school in Balga and I do think l understood them and I was in kindergarden, I just didn't interact so they probably thought I couldn't understand them don't know,in year 3 my eldest brother was in an accident he was on his Yamaha motorbike and a car colided into him he was thrown off, my aunty came to get me whilst in class. We went to his hospital room don't remember too much all l remember we were sitting in his room while he was in surgery, it took ages, he was lucky his leg was so badly broken the doctors wanted to remove his leg but that didn't happen instead they put a metal rod in his leg but l don't think he has a rod in his leg now. ln year 3 we moved to Currambine I went to Kinross primary was there between year 3 to year 4 then moved to Currambine primary l was there from 1997 and 1998 ( we my parents got a deli from an Australian lady) in 98 I skipped year 6 and went to year 7 cause my teacher thought that might help me socialize as I was a year older the whole time I didn't like primary school at all was very excited to get to high school first year of high school was ok and at the end of year eight I went on a world trip we went to Austria Vienna where my cousin lives with her husband in an apartment we were there for a month or something during new years after Vienna we went to Israel Haifa, North Carolina, Los Angeles, San Francisco and then we went to Hawaii. We returned to Perth for high school I put on a lot of weight that time cause of the trip,evetually I lost the weight and kept it off throughtout high school, up down but not very up throughout adult hood, after high school l went to Central tafe studied art'n'design was a 1 year course but l only did the 6 month then, l had done a short course in pharmacy assistant, l visit my sister in Melbourne she bought me the ticket (during the flight me and a girl and we spoke a lot about each others religion, she was Christian). I go to Tuart college (I think l'm 19). 20 I go and visit my sister again and eventually decided to live with her after four month to l return to Perth. I returned to Tuart college in 2007, then tried the stat test I got enough to do a bridging course in ECU Joondalup which was a 6 month course but I repeated the 2 units twice, I went back to tafe to redo a course for teacher assistant was advised by the lecturers to do another course cause they said the course was not for me so I went into an art course all the way in Midland don't know how long l lasted but not long I didn't go eventually(late 2008 I went to visit my sister with my aunty and cousin, after, in mid January l went to Sydney) Mid 2009 l ended up in hospital in Joondalup was there for a month then came back home, 2009 -2010 l moved to Gold Coast to live with my sister and her bf I decided to go to tafe MIST I signed up for a fashion course I freaked out about the course so I changed it to a media / graphic designing course I had done 6 months the complete duration, two units I did not pass needed to repeat them but again I ended up in hospital in Gold Coast for one month I missed one month of my course I tried to catch up but I was so far behind I decided it was not possible I eventually decided to return to Perth in November (after 10 years with MS, 14th January 2008 my dad passed away) I was advised to rest and not to do any studying, 2011 I started another bridging course I did the 6 months, went to Malaysia and Bali between June /July , August 12 or 13th my cousin had her engagement party, in September I went to Brisbane (where my sister lives now) for my cousins wedding which was in Gold Coast ,was in Brisbane for a month with my mum we returned to Perth. I decide to do personal training whilst on the treadmil I think it was a Saturday I knew AIF from the TV adds so I go on the internet and put my name down, I got a call and made an appointment for an interview I got accepted, my course started in January lasted a month I didn't pass then started tafe in East Perth then transfered to Central tafe left that to go back to ECU in Mt Lawley, didn't do anything only thing I did is go to the gym...some months later in late June I start HSA course (nurse assistant) and still time flies

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It's strange how we go through school and we learn all this information. Information that's going to benefit our lives forever and enhance our standing in the world. I was good at school, I'm blessed with a photographic memory. Sometimes I feel like intelligence is a curse though, people who think they are important and for some reason smart also can be very frustrating. So... we learn all this information, but we learn nothing about ourselves! Who we really are? What makes us tick? What is at our core? The education system is another part of the machine, churning out tools to keep the machine running. It sounds like you are having trouble finding your way. I'm 34 and I still don't feel that I have found mine. You have plenty of wonderful years in front of you, enjoy them and try not to worry about the future. Good things happen to good people and from what I can tell, you are certainly one of those!

I came from Malaysia. What places did you visited at that time?

yeah those twin towers. i live there right at the condominium facing it