Why Lie

My husband recently always lies to me bout the stupidest crap and for example he started talking about our sex lives at work which does not exist anymore because of how he lies all the time me about everything and he lied to our Co workers as Well bout this so called sex life and lied to me about talking bout it I'm over it an Well I'm thiking of divorce tired of talking to him bout it with just the same out Come in the end but we also have a two year old son and I Dont want to break his lil heart I'm so lost right now dunno what to do anymore
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My ex lied about the stupidest things for such a long time and I hated it so much it ultimately helped destroy us.
I lost all respect for him and it got to the point where I didnt believe a word that came out of his mouth, so I felt like his parent.
My advice is end it now. Otherwise his behaviour will end up driving you insane. It'll be hard and I know you want to stay together because you have a little one but (and believe me when I say this because Iooked into it) children are less affected by parental separation before the age of 3 years old than any other age. Thats because they havent yet fully realised everyones place in their family including their own. The worst age for a child to through that is 5-7 years old. By that age, they are settled into a situation that has become their 'world' and its much more traumatic when a parent isn't there as much as whats been normal to them for years.
Good luck and let us know x

O.o Lying is a natural human thing. Everyone does it. And honestly, if you're willing to leave your HUSBAND over lies that aren't actually hurting anyone then you might have wanted to think about that before. Lying doesn't just start one day. If he's doing it now, then he was doing it before. Yes it is upsetting getting your personal, intimate, life told to co-workers, which is inappropriate on his part and theirs for listening, but in the big scheme of things, it's not worth divorcing the man you have a two year old with and a man you have created your life with. You might want to really think about this one and not act rashly.