Cherish The Moments...

This quote means a lot to me for a few reasons. I used to think that the end goal was all that mattered. The deadline I had to meet, the place I had to get to on time. Not letting people down, always being in the right place, reaching the next life goal that everyone is meant to meet. Getting married, having kids, buying houses, promotions at work....the list of milestones that people want to reach in life is neverending. And you can spend your life striving to reach those milestones.

The problem with this is, you forget to live your life. You are so focussed on where you want to get to, you forget the path you are taking to get there. Life is full of tiny, seemingly insignificant moments that make it what it is. These moments from the outside can seem like nothing, just another gesture, a look, a smile, a laugh....but they can become treasured memories. Moments you look back on with a great feeling because, for the single moment, the World stopped turning for just a second, time slowed down, and you could treasure it. Take a mental picture of it and store it away into your lifetime scrapbook of memories that you keep in your mind.

I was very goal driven. Until the moment that my son was placed into my arms. He was awake, his tiny eyes trying to focus, his fingers wrapped around my thumb....and I just sat there for what felt like hours. I could have stayed in that moment for a lifetime. Reaching milestones doesn't always go as planned, and being me, I had to do this one in the most dramatic way possible....ending up in surgery and nearly dying in the process. I think the experience made me realise that getting to that next milestone shouldn't be my goal in life, but cherishing the moments that you can't relive. Like that one that I play in my head often, and when I look at him now I can still see that moment.

My son has taught me that moments are precious, things around us change so fast it is often difficult to keep up. And racing to that next milestone is not living. However living in the moment helps you to appreciate what you have. I hope that I continue to have those moments where I stop and think....that I am so glad something has happened, that I was lucky enough to be there. The milestones will be reached if and when they need to be, but life is for enjoy it. You only get one!
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Jan 20, 2013