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"A hundred times I was upon the point of killing myself; but still loved life. This ridiculous foible is perhaps one of our most fatal characteristics, for is there anything more absurd than to wish to carry continually a burden which one can always throw down? To detest existence and yet to cling to one's existence? In brief, to caress the serpent which devours us, till he has eaten our very heart?"

- Candide by Voltaire
aurora11 aurora11 31-35, F 3 Responses Jan 29, 2013

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you sound like that lady on the phone, it can only get better, ya right, I have now spent six years in hell, do you know what it is like NOT to have human contact??? touching is the basic need of all. You have said you thought about ending it all, well I have all I need to do just that, yes I have not, and yes I keep hoping, and yes I keep trying, but the snake is getting thin, at least I am preparid.

This quote, admittedly, is obviously about suicide but I have never considered myself suicidal. I just have a nasty habit of willingly and knowingly doing things that necessarily cause my life to spin into turmoil or be somewhat miserable for awhile. While I do find the idea of suicide fascinating, I don't believe that it is ever the right answer (maybe that is just my religious side). I don't believe life ever gives us more than we can handle and I believe there is always a reason for what we are given.

I can't relate to having no human contact and it does sound awful. You obviously have reached out to someone, since I sound like the phone lady, and I think that is good. You should never stop trying and hoping. I don't believe life was ever meant to be easy. I don't know your situation but I would advice reaching out and doing something for someone else, anyone else, it often helps to focus on something other than ourselves.

how about every way, menapause has taken my love, family never ask's for me, being acused of things you never did, my body is failing (hearing), and a constite state anger in anything I do. how's that for starters.

but yet your heart keeps on beating - life is funny that way. Besides if everything is terrible it can only get better :)

yes, but you can pet the snake only so long, and when your heart is gone, so must you be.

I think that depends in which way you lose your heart.