The Truth Deepens As You Deepen

"The truth deepens as you deepen. What we learn to do as we bring wisdom into our lives, is to zoom out from ourselves.
And then we start to see a greater truth, that doesn't just apply to us. But it applies to other people, and it respects other peoples views. And we see deeper and further. And so we may celebrate self as we would celebrate an art project, cause that is what we are in a sense. We can also lift ourselves out of that self and see something more, and in fact you have to do that when you get to the truth. You can't see it solely from behind your own eyes, you have to get outside your self, get over your self if you want to see what is real." Neil Kramer

"It is called a Sacred Path for a reason, it is a step by step evolution of gaining knowledge, information and wisdom and then developing a personal understanding of it. The development of higher conciseness requires the knowledge and understanding of what has got you to that point." Neil Kramer

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I like allot of what Neil Kramer writes about, I feel allot of his abstract architecture is unnecessary for me, but allot of what he writes is spot on I think. Theirs no need for me to agree 100% with something to gain some knowledge from it.

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