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After 9/11 when the country was gearing up for war I was in a shop and found a bumper sticker with a quote by Ghandi:

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"

I bought the bumper sticker & it is on my rear bumper to this day.


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And the ones in control can not or don't want to see the truth, when the ordinary person knows the truth,

good one...

ya know, there are 2 kinds of people in this world. There are those that separate everything and everyone into types and those that don't:)

Revenge may be sweet but like sugar, it leaves a sower taste in your mouth.

Good on ya. Love that one, " anger can be useful and very constructive if used intelligently. Destructive if we abuse it" - M. Gandhi

so true:)

Right on

very wise. The old testament says that but it was meant to be used for social justice. The idea was that the punishment could never be greater than the crime.

Very true. I like it.

very true

"FREEDOM,in other words,is a matter of gradually acquiring the capacity to choose the good and to do what we choose with perfection ......

-george weigel

He are my thoughts as a person that is literally blind, What would the cost be if we didn't act. How many 9/11 acts would it take before we said enough and stopped the deadly attack? Last time we took "revenge" was Pearl Harbor and thus ended a world war that if we didn't get involved, the world would have had countless more loss in life.

It really wasn't revenge, it was a war for survival. Our selves and the Asian Continent.

Very true quote! And the world has changed so much since 9/11, if only it could be made undone!

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Never heard that one before but that's awesome! I love it!

I love this! Revenge is self serving and destructive.

i love this quote and try to open others eyes in the matter.

That was always my favorite quote


how true said the mouse

How very true x

"All things in moderation, including moderation." Camus

I forgot who said it off the top of my head, but "Every generalization if false, including this one." I think it was Mark Twain.