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Me In 8 Words!

I am a European settler on stolen land.

                               - deconstructo-

emerald emerald 36-40, F 7 Responses Jul 5, 2007

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“Illegal aliens have always been a problem in the United States. Ask any Indian.” - Robert Orben


America was stolen from the American Indians. And I don't understand why many refuse to believe it.

I think the first indiginous peoples in the america's weren't pushing anyone out, but then once they got here they of course started pushing back and forth.

The original or first people were the American Indians. Foreigners came to America, murdered their families and tried to eliminate their main source of food; the buffalo. The buffalo were almost extinct. Yes, many of our own relatives did these horrible things, and portrayed the original founders of this country as murderers and cruel people. It is an embassing truth that many will argue until the end of time. It's hard to admit this fact. Most of us Americans live in freedom and think our forefathers as the original Americans, without a thought for the first Americans; the American Indians who we murdered, killed their children and took away their food. Our forefathers tried to eliminate them as they stole their homes. There are people from World War II who are still living who can understand what I am trying to say. Our government didn't give them small reservations out of kindness. What a shame this is and an embarrassment that many people do not know about it and how horrible our "Founding Fathers behaved. We didn't discover America. We stole it.

Is there a group of people who didn't displace another group of people in order to occupy an area?<br />
<br />
( I know.......that doesn't make it right.)

I know what you are saying. That is the excuse many use. Americans have a history of butting into wars over who owns a country and we take sides. Israel is one example and we sided with Israel. Is this our business? I don't know who should own the country, but the bloodshed has been massive. "Imagine there no countries, it isn't hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for." John Lennon was brilliant in my humble opinion. But in reference to the comment about displacing people, you are right in my opinion, it isn't right. There are other ways of sharing a place to live without violence. It has been about control and bullying with bombs and guns. It is so messed up. Gandi, Mother Teresa and many other brilliant people we've had the honor to hear their pleas of peace and kindness to our fellows and used their hearts as a guide with their many acts of kindness. I am sorry we don't have the choice to vote for a government with love for our fellows as the first priority.

It sounds great, but when people try to make that Utopian dream a reality, terrible things happen. The people who 'imagine' are no different from the patriots. They would probably establish a death penalty for dissent, and re-education camps in their Utopia.

"The times you impress me the most are the times when you don't even try." Joni Mitchell

yeah and it's MY land dangit! or at least it was! lol

Love your name AbbyNormal! Too Funny!