I Make Pictures.

i like to take pictures, or find photos and add words that fit how i feel or have felt. they describe me so well. its the best of both worlds, because i can say something with a photograph and have the visual-then say something with words and have the mental image there as well..

The newly added are at the bottom.

so here they are..





^sorry, typo.













comment if you want. and tell me if you are taking some, just so i know that someone actaully likes these


im also a member of Deviantart.com



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I loved these.... How do you do this?

What a talent you have. These are wonderful and very emotional. I think it's a great way to let out your words. I just might have to try this myself.

thank u

omg that was deep and cold but brout a tear to my eyes im happy you can exspress your self some how its better then exploding later on in life

I like ur pics they r cool

I've resumed that great hobby again, but am not mxin' pix together, am drwain' pix on paintbrush and I write my comments beside'em, then I have collected all these pix and turned them into a video ,usin' movie maker, i also had put some good songs with'em

U have a really great talent!!!. I also used to have the same hobby last year, but I lost the program I was usin' to mix the pix since I got my pc formatted. Once I know where to get the program from again, I hope I can resume this hobby. Ur wrok really motivated me, I feel like makin' some pix now

wow i like your works.<br />
sometimes i does similar pics.<br />

This is really powerful work, kimosabe. My heart goes out to you as I read the texts with the images, but I also see that your work is easily as potent as a lot of art I see in the galleries. You are already on two strong paths here, one creating art and the other recreating yourself. I'm very moved by it.

Wow. You are really good at this. I hope you keep it up!<br />
<br />
I've had similar issues with my mother and those ones really spoke to me. Most of the friends I had at your age just thought I was exagerrating things and didn't understand. So, come add me if you'd like to be friends. I can be a good listener :)

I got goosebumps reading the THANK YOU MUM one - it was like you read my mind!!!! It feels good to know I'm not alone in my thoughts. These are amazing, thank you so much for sharing!

heyyy this is really great! :) <br />
nice that u share it with us :)<br />
<br />
good job, keep doin this!

These were intense and raw! Sometimes we need these visual realities! But oddly enough, the one that gave me goose bumps was the flower standing strong, but the shadow of it was wilted over! Why is that?! And the happy child being put down... that just breaks my heart, and makes me want to go home and tell my children RIGHT NOW... I LOVE YOU! Thanx for sharing this!