Do you believe this quote to be true?
"A man is only faithful as his options"
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Yeah I have to disagree with this as well.
My boyfriend has had plenty of temptation and hasn't strayed.
As have I.

It must be nice to feel confident that the other won't stray. 😉

It really is. And for it not to be used against you constantly.

Sorry to hear that. You need to tell him for you both to move forward...


"As have I" seems like you did stray...

You need to be very careful w words... :)

I meant I've had the same temptation and hasn't strayed. I should have put that statement elsewhere.

Good for you both!!

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i like this

No. Someone in my family was always faithful and he was betrayed.

I'm sorry to hear that. 😔 I hope he was able to move on and find someone better.

No worries. He did.


We all have options. I have been faithful throughout 20 years of marriage, and a really rough patch!

That's great and nice to know there are faithful ones out there.

is it
i never knew of anythg such :P